1910-15 Ty Cobb J.F. Hillerich & Son Professional Model Game Used Bat (PSA/DNA GU10) - The Finest Cobb Weapon Imaginable

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Presented here is quite simply the finest Ty Cobb game-used bat extant. If you sat down with a pencil, a blank piece of paper, and the skill and imagination of Davinci, you could not draw one up any better. Demonstrating one of the earliest signature brand styles used by then JF Hillerich & Son Co., it dates to the 1910-15 period. Its distinctive Cobb traits are sublime, preserved in a timeless state as though it just left his calloused hands. Its physical traits notwithstanding, it is the 1910-15 usage era that sends this Deadball weapon into the stratosphere. This five-year span saw Cobb exert a level of dominance at the plate that has never been matched in the history of the game.